The Hot Room

在这些前所未有的时期,热室依靠印地室的支持和资源. 他们不得不关门大吉,将整个业务转移到虚拟环境中, they are now getting back to business.

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Hye Jin Kalgaonkar CEO & Founder

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Resource Through the Pandemic
  • Business Support


During their time as Indy Chamber members, ClusterTruck发现商会帮助每个人都能进入城市. “印第安纳波利斯是一个做生意的好地方,社区之间相互支持,商会真的帮助促进了这一点,” says Chris Baggot, Co-Founder and CEO of ClusterTruck.

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Chris Baggot Co-Founder & CEO

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Community Connections
  • Networking Opportunities


As new Indianapolis residents, Fishbeck has turned to the Indy Chamber to get connected to the community. “社交机会非常好,当地的劳动力发展机会对爱游戏彩票app下载来说真的很重要. 爱游戏彩票app下载所做的需要相当专业和受过良好教育的员工,爱游戏彩票app下载希望通过印第商会利用这一点!” says Dandi Prasad, Vice President and Senior Transportation Engineer.

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Dandi Prasad Vice President & Senior Transportation Engineer

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Community Connections
  • Workforce Development Opportunities

Tinker House Events

Since becoming an Indy Chamber member, Brian Willsey, CEO of Tinker House Events, 是否发现他的爱游戏彩票app下载身份是与社区建立联系的重要途径. “You get out of the Indy Chamber what you put into it. 作为印第商会的一员,我能够发展的关系是我成为爱游戏彩票app下载的原因! Everyone who is involved in the chamber has Indianapolis at their heart, and wants to drive Indy forward. 对于任何企业来说,它都是一个伟大的组织,因为它对这个城市的发展至关重要.”


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Brian Willsey CEO

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Connectivity
  • Drives growth of Indianapolis

Ignition DG

Amanda Fishburn, VP of Ignition DG in Indianapolis, 他们说,自从去年6月加入印第商会以来,他们的爱游戏彩票app下载身份让他们受益匪浅. By nature of Ignition DG’s work and their staff size, 在他们接触商会活动之前,并没有太多机会与其他行业的人接触.

“If you didn’t work with us directly, 你可能不认识爱游戏彩票app下载中的任何一个因为爱游戏彩票app下载没有理由经常出现在公众面前,” says Fishburn, “but since joining the Chamber last June, attending events and meeting people for potential partnership, getting out there, it has been great for us. We tried other things before, but because of the multidimensional platform of events, the Chamber has worked best for us.”


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Amanda Fishburn Vice President

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Dynamic platform of events
  • 通过周一上午的备忘录向印第商会其他成员传播信息的机会

Workplace Safety & Health Company, Inc.

Workplace Safety & Health Company, Inc. 承认印第安纳商会是一个优秀的组织,促进当地企业提供印第安纳波利斯高质量的商品和服务. In addition, 印地商会提供的网络活动和教育机会对爱游戏彩票app下载和社区都是极有价值的资源. Workplace Safety & Health Company, Inc. is proud to be an Indy Chamber member.

Richard Griffith President

Why Indy Chamber?

  • 印地商会为爱游戏彩票app下载和社区提供了非常有价值的资源
  • 优秀的组织为当地企业提供优质的商品和服务


“Indy Chamber helps with more than you would think as a member. They not only help us get the word out, we also love working one-on-one with members of the sales team.”

Anna Briggs Talent Engineer, DISHER

Why Indy Chamber?

  • They work one-on-one with members
  • Helped us get the word out

Bosma Enterprises

“Through our Indy Chamber membership, 爱游戏彩票app下载能够发展新的关系,改变人们做生意的方式,并在劳动力中发现新的人才.”

Anthony Scott Communications Specialist, Bosma Enterprises

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Helped us develop new relationships
  • Changed the way people think about doing business
  • Helped us find new talent in the workforce

Ice Miller

“成为印第商会的爱游戏彩票app下载为爱游戏彩票app下载打开了一扇大门,爱游戏彩票app下载可能从来没有接触过这些机会. 这些成员对建立联系和与商界其他成员进行接触至关重要. 通过与商会的合作,爱游戏彩票app下载能够影响印第的商业社区,为爱游戏彩票app下载的城市建立一个更光明的未来. Together we can drive Indy forward.”

Melissa Proffitt Partner-in-Charge of Client Relations

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Opened the door to opportunities we may not have had access to
  • Allowed us to build connections with other members of the business community


“我真的相信印第是这个国家最适合年轻专业人士的城市. 印第是唯一一个你可以影响并参与制定政策和决策的市场. 在其他城市,我无法像在这里一样接触到总裁和首席执行官.”

Tom Hanley CEO, Nine13Sports

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Great way to connect with other presidents and CEOs
  • Allowed us to get involved in shaping policies
  • Connected us with other young professionals

Lauth Group, Inc.

“劳斯集团选择成为印第商会的成员,因为商会的目标和倡议与爱游戏彩票app下载的商业模式非常一致, 公司文化和爱游戏彩票app下载对印第安纳州中部社区整体成功的共同热情.  印地安那商会在印地安那中部的经济发展和有利商业环境的关键问题上的持续关注和领导,有助于吸引和留住爱游戏彩票app下载在这个市场上需要的人才, 并向全国各地的公司发出一个强有力的信息,印第安纳波利斯地区已经“对商业开放”.  爱游戏彩票app下载花费在支持印地商会的金钱和时间为爱游戏彩票app下载的投资提供了极好的回报.”

Michael J. Jones President & CEO, Lauth Group, Inc.

Why Indy Chamber?

  • Their goals and initiatives align strongly with our business model
  • They attract and retain the talent we need in this market
  • Excellent return on investment

Where You Belong

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